About Us

Our Approach

The Idea of Lezchic is for women to come together and help one another. Often times in the lesbian community women are quick to judge one another.. and the idea of unity isn’t one of our strengths, UNTIL NOW. The idea is to recreate the way women think about parties, networking, and most importantly one another. Social media has opened realms of endless possibilities to engage with millions of strangers every day.. how do we keep things personal? How do we meet women from across the world and build strong relationships via Instagram without some sort of skepticism of being in the same room together with that person? How often do we recognize women on the bus we follow but never say hello? Lezchic intends to change the way we as women think! Helping everyone to be more approachable and helpful to one another.

Our Story

Lezchic was first established in 2017, by founder Rae Jenae from NYC. “It was long overdue” says Rae. “When I moved here, there were barely any events catered to the lesbian community. It took over a year to build local connections and get familiar with the Miami Gay Scene. The space was available, the women were there but the environments were lacking. Having come from such a diverse city, I felt almost obligated to do something about it. I decided to promote any lesbian events on the beach that I could find. Through that, about a year later, we’ve created our own platform for events while still promoting other local events in hopes of collaboration and building.


Lezchic has made It thus far thanks to the support and contributions of women like you. So many local lezzies came together to build on a single idea and make it something phenomenal. I want to thank every single one of you who have contributed to the Lezchic cause and I look forward to welcoming more beautiful, intelligent women just like you.

Thank you.

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